Tuesday, January 20, 2015

California, Here We Come.

I'm from Long Island and the stereotypes are true. The meatheads are here, theres a 90% chance you have an italian heritage, when GTL was a thing- you definitely GTLed. But now that its not a thing, you still GTL. The cost of living is too high for any average out-of-college 20-something, so theres also a 90% chance upon graduating college, you moved back in with your parents. Do you know how awful that is? To have four years of complete freedom, just to go back to live with your parents? I love my mom and dad, they give me plenty of freedom, they don't invade on my privacy, but we definitely bump heads living under the same roof.  

I've grown to hate this island. Upon returning back to your roots, in the same house you lived in since elementary school (just like everyone else in your town- you're not alone), definitely means that no one really grows out of that high school bullshit. I packed up and went 800 miles away to college in Lexington, Kentucky without knowing a single soul for a good reason.

Truly, I did not want to know anyone, I wanted a fresh start away from this bubble that I lived in. I graduated from Kentucky with ride or die best friends, experiences of a lifetime, and a sense of independence that I believe those who stayed close were not able to achieve. If it was not for a job I had lined up, I would not have left,I actually pity those who did not have a college experience as I did. In my own opinion, a SUNY school is just Long Islanders without their parents stuck in a gross bubble. The only difference between me and them is that now at home, they can reconnect with their college friends much easier because the town bar is only 5 minutes away from everyone. 

I've grown to despise Long Island. Not my family, not the surroundings, but this bubble that I speak of. Everyone knows everyone's business, its the same old faces, its the same old drama. Not to mention, something in the water here has made all the guys very short- which makes strapping on my 6" Jeffrey Campbell Lita's a necessity to weed out the men with Napoleon complexes. 

I need a change, a big change. My future plans are to pack up my dog, my horses, and take a long cross country drive to reside permanently in the Los Angeles, California area…… with my ex. More with that next time. 

xo Lindsay

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