Friday, January 23, 2015

Beauty // January Must Haves

Beauty is my guilty pleasure. Oh, how I would spend thousands at Sephora, Ulta, and luxury cosmetic counters if I had the extra funds. I've always wanted to be a beauty blogger, so here is step one. These are my "must-haves". I grab for these products every single day. Most are not new products (as this is my first "favorites") but all are available and you should get your hands on them! 

In the Shower

LUSH Buffy Body Butter
Imagine never having to put lotion on after the shower again. Imagine exfoliating and conditioning your skin at the same time. BAM! I give you- Lush's "Buffy". I'm a fan of all of Lush's body butters. They're super moisturizing without being greasy. They leave my skin so smooth. The added exfoliator mixed with body conditioner makes this a must have. 

You can spare the $6.95 to try out the smallest size.

These "melt" if left in the stream of water, so be sure to keep it out of the stream. Let dry outside of the shower, then store in a tin. Don't store in any container wet

For the Face

Coming in as an expensive moisturizer, its worth it. Not greasy at all and soaks into your skin beautifully. Doesn't cause break outs. Perfect for the entire year, no matter the weather. I find the entire Benefit skin care line is pretty impressive, but this is my favorite moisturizer out of the bunch.

Worth it at $42
The packaging is well designed and pretty to look at. With a nice glass base and fake cork lid; it's definitely looks nice enough to keep out on display. 

For the Eyes

Yeah, I'm late. Yeah, it's still that good. The Naked3 Palette is perfect for my skin tone, which is a tan-olive (Hello, typical Italian skin!). The rosy-hues really compliment my skin tone and bring out my light brown eyes. The colors are perfect for the daytime, but have the ability to transform into a night look. 

Get your entire $54 out of it.
Don't be afraid of "Blackheart" (last color on the right). The blackish-brown, with just a hint of that signature Urban Decay sparkle, looks beautiful in the crease of your eye for a daring look.

For the Body

Picture a fragrance that could be dark and mysterious- and you have Alien. Its not your average light floral that every other woman and her mother owns, its a bit more heavy and deep. Be daring and switch it up a bit. Its a sexy scent for a night out of the town, or to spruce things up on a movie night at home.  Lasts all day, and unlike anything else in your collection. 

Try not to cringe at the $80 price tag.

Buy the refillable bottle. Its a bit cheaper to refill and the added plus of being environmentally friendly. Mysterious scent in a mysteriously beautiful bottle? You won't want to throw this one out.

For the Hair

Praise the hair Gods, Jennifer Aniston, and whomever else is connected with this product. Before Prime, curly hair was just a far away unattainable dream. My thin, straight hair could not hold the slightest bit of wave until I began using this product. Lightweight, smells good, does its job well. Its definitely a staple in my hair routine.
You can totally spare the $20 for this

Going skiing or escaping to some tropical weather, grab the travel size for your next vacation, you'll reach for this everyday.

Have you discovered a "Holy Grail" product that I should check out? Leave a comment below. Do you like one of these items, or perhaps you hated it and thought it was a waste of money? Let me know!

xo Lindsay

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*Disclaimer: Do I have to do these? I can't believe I'm writing this but hey, everyone else does, SO WHY NOT feel professional and have my own disclaimer. These are my own opinions, my own feelings, bought with my own money from a mediocre job that I am less than thrilled with. While I do think my dream job would be to be paid to talk (hey, I'm a leo, I'm Italian, and I'm a girl- I like talking) no one paid me for this blog post. Maybe I should be a lawyer instead- then people will pay me good money to speak my opinion…just kidding that's too much more school.


  1. really want the naked3 and i'd love to try the body butter!

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