Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spending the Weekend… SICK!

Woah, it's if I got hit by a Mack truck! I went from happiest person, ready to spend my well-earned three day weekend full of activities when in reality I became completely bed ridden. I'm talking going through a box of tissues, headache, sore throat, tired body, sick. Just my luck.

So if I'm going to look on the bright side, I watched a few good movies, discovered some new favorite bloggers, and got to play around with my own blogger site. (I think I'm getting a hang of it? Yes?) 

So this is how I spent my weekend.

Number 1, a lot of tea! While of course I like to indulge in my Teavana and Tazo tea; believe it or not this Lipton Black Pearl Tea is so delicious (make sure it's the tea in the pyramid bags!). Add a bit of local honey to your mug and voilĂ ! A perfect cup of tea for those days you feel under the weather. Also those Trader Joes Cafe Twists are to die for. Picture softly-harden churros! Perfect amount of sweet, cookie-like crunch, with the added bonus of just having 30 calories each.

I find baths to be so soothing while I'm sick. So yours truly grabbed for one of my lush products and headed to my jacuzzi tub. Bath concoction of the night consisted of the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon.  For some added relaxation i made sure to light my Bath & Body Works Sparkling Icicles candle. 

Of course no cold/flu/Mack truck illness night would be complete without turning on my humidifier to help lessen the morning sore throat and my nighttime NyQuil which actually allowed me to get a decent nights sleep. 

Here's to hopefully a better day today! I've got to get out of my house!

xx Lindsay


  1. So sorry to hear you're sick! Hope you're feeling better now :)

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    Life in the Fash Lane

  2. That Lipton tea IS HEAVENLY. My coworker brought some into the office one time... I thought I had died. So smooth, so delicious.

    Hope you feel better soon! I spent my Sunday sick too, so I know those feels.

  3. i hope you will feel better soon <3
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    I hope you will partecipate!!

    Alice's Pink Diary

  4. aw bummer! i hope you feel better soon. xo jillian - cornflake dreams