Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sometimes life comes at you in a million ways. It challenges you. 

I've spent the past 24 years of my life essentially cruising through life. I never truly had anything challenge me. That is until March came along.....

My grandfather was my rock. He was the textbook definition of "grandpa". The one who took you out for ice cream, made you laugh, had that grandfatherly-like fashion. My grandpa would sneak us money for Christmas and our birthdays. He would indulge in the desserts during the italian holidays despite my grandmother's voice chirping in his ear. He loved history, and loved telling stories. He would tell a million stories if he could. You never complained about hearing them.

Then in the matter of a week. After two weeks spent in the Florida sun, soaking in the rays at the pool, going to dinner, enjoying two of his four children's company. My grandfather got off the plane from Florida on Saturday, and by Monday was in the hospital.

I will omit any hospital details here. Because I still carry an anger in the hospital. I work in healthcare, and I know what should have been done- and I know exactly what was not done. 

March 24th, 2015 was the absolute worst day of my life. My grandfather passed away.

85 years old. Married for almost 65 years, 4 children, 8 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren.
Do you think that the little boy below had any idea of the tight-knit, loving, amazing family he would one day begin? 

I keep my grandfather close to my heart. And two months later, I still cry over losing him so quickly and so unexpectedly. I live everyday to make him proud. 

I wish I could tell you this was the only life struggle that 2015 has thrown at me. But it isn't. Life threw another curveball right at me, back to back. But that will be another blog post and one that will be very difficult for me to write.......

xx Lindsay


I truly apologize for my hiatus. I am going to make a blog post tonight to explain my absence. Life comes at you in many ways. I'm back, and here to stay.

xox Lindsay

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Meet My Horse // Levi

Today is a good day for me to "introduce" my horse as it is his 14th birthday

Levi -- like the jeans-- is a Thoroughbred. He used to race at Belmont racetrack before I "rescued" him. Levi has a "bucking" problem so he was deemed unsafe and little 14 year old me ended up with him. Flash forward 10 years later and here we are!

For those of you who may know "horse words", I competed with Levi (who's show name is The Perfect Fit) in the hunters and equitation ring for years. He is currently semi-retire after some medical issues and anxiety (and despising New York). 

 FOURTEEN YEARS OLD! I got this monster when he was 4, so this is a proud psycho-mom moment for me. I am so blessed to have him in my life. 

As a little four year old! 

Just a quick update from my phone. I'm sure I will edit this upon getting home to my laptop. How I love my horses! (this is just one of three!)

Xx Lindsay 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentines Day or Singles Awareness Day?

February 14th is right around the corner. The day when restaurant reservations are a mythical creature, flowers are everywhere, and the chocolate- must resist the chocolate.

Lucky for us singles out there, we don't have to worry about all of that. No stress of presents, no feeling you need to out-do another couple, no sharing your "special evening" with every other couple in the universe. Oh, but the downfall? The entire day you are reminded that you are single. For some- that may be a relief (hey, you're single you can do what you want). For others, like yours truly, it sucks to have all those hearts and lovey-dovey shit thrown in your face. So here's my guide to a butt-kicking Valentine's Single's Awareness Day

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Liebster Award!

Logged into my blog to find that Liza from Liza's Corner nominated me for a Liebster Award! I absolutely love reading these on my fellow blogger's sites because I actually get to know the intelligent minds behind the screens. Being nominated makes me feel like I'm in the blogger community, so exciting!

1. Describe yourself in 3 words 
Outgoing, Loyal, Happy

2. What made you start blogging?
I only began blogging recently. While I've always been a blog reader and thought "why not take the plunge?" I decided to publish this blog when I finally decided that I will be moving out and I wanted to document my life. I'm hoping in a year I can come back and reflect on what I've done.

3. Where is your dream travel destination?
This is one of the hardest questions. I want to travel everywhere. I'm a nature and animal lover, a self proclaimed conservationist.  I believe that I would have the most fun in Africa. I want to go on adventures, do things I couldn't do somewhere else. I can sit on a beach, go shopping at many destinations. How many places can I go on a safari and be within distance of a lion's den? 

4. What is your favourite hobby ?
Surprised I haven't touched on this yet. I'm a horseback rider. I compete on (currently) the East Coast on the hunter/jumper circuit. I have 3 horses; Levi, Nala, and Ellie. I am the most serene when I am with them. 

Yes, thats me and one of my princesses =)

5. If you could bring back one trend/look from the past, what would it be?
I would just like to steal Marilyn Monroe's wardrobe and wear it daily. From her dresses to her simple sweaters, I want it all!

6. What’s your favourite season for fashion?
Autumn. Hands down. I adore the effortless beauty that comes with the weather. Warm enough to look nice without the bulk, but cool enough that the clothes are SO cozy. Did I mention the fall boots and booties!?

7. Skirt, Pants or Shorts ? 
I love skirts. But realistically, I wear a lot of shorts. My goal this summer is to rock a pair of high waisted shorts, I havent tackled that territory yet!

8. Necklace or bracelet ?
Bracelet. I have the one necklace that I tend to wear nearly everyday. So I like to play around with costume bracelets, layering different looks, mixing metals. 

9. What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Perversion. Hands down.

10. What is your favourite day in a week and why?
Saturdays. There is something about the vibe everyone else gives off on a Saturday that I find makes it so much fun. While some Saturdays I do work, I still find that day to have sense of happiness. 

11.What does motivate you the most ?
I like to believe that I am my biggest motivator. 

My Questions!
  1. What is the "best kept secret" of the town you live in?
  2. What is your favorite song of all time?
  3. What is your makeup "holy grail" item?
  4. If you could move to any place in the world, where would it be?
  5. Which are your favorite blogs to write (not necessarily your most popular!)?
  6. It's a Saturday night! What does your perfect Saturday entail?
  7. What is one thing you never leave the house without?
  8. What is your dream career?
  9. What is your guilty pleasure television show?
  10. If you could sit down and talk to one person for an hour, alive or passed, who would it be?
  11. If you had $100k to donate to a cause, which organization would you chose to donate the money to and why?

My Nominations!

The Rules:
  • Thank the person who nominated you on your blog & link them
  • Answer the 11 Questions set by the nominator
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers & link them
  • Give the nominee's 11 new questions to answer
  • Notify all nominee's via their blog or through social media

xx Lindsay

Thursday, January 29, 2015

In the Kitchen // Easy Delicious Breakfast

So this will be a rarity as I despise breakfast foods (so don't get too used to seeing a breakfast recipe). I'm just not a big fan of the morning anyway, and no- bacon is not all that. All I truly want in the morning is a nice iced coffee with a greek yogurt or banana and I'm good-to-go until lunchtime. Occasionally, I will spice it up and enjoy a nice avocado in the morning. But I've recently discovered a breakfast recipe that I did need to try, and that says a lot. I'm all about quick and simple in the morning, sometimes I just have a ton to get done before my "real person job", so this simplistic recipe is worth a shot! So here it is and boy, is it delicious.

Monday, January 26, 2015

In the Kitchen // Perfect Parfait

Calling all the sweet tooths out there!

"Diets" are no fun. I'm calling my new outlook on food, a lifestyle change rather than a diet. Cutting out the unnecessary sweets and carbs.... but oh how they are my weakness! I came up with a deliciously simple recipe to curb that sweet tooth by settling your cravings. Here is the recipe for my Perfect Parfait

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spending the Weekend… SICK!

Woah, it's if I got hit by a Mack truck! I went from happiest person, ready to spend my well-earned three day weekend full of activities when in reality I became completely bed ridden. I'm talking going through a box of tissues, headache, sore throat, tired body, sick. Just my luck.

So if I'm going to look on the bright side, I watched a few good movies, discovered some new favorite bloggers, and got to play around with my own blogger site. (I think I'm getting a hang of it? Yes?) 

So this is how I spent my weekend.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

True Life: I'm Obsessed with My Dog.

I've always been a dog person. While you get to know my better through these blogs; you'll know I'm a horse person too (I have 3 and counting….). But there's two kinds of people. For one, you have your dog people. And then you have your people whom you can't trust. While I have nothing against cats, I have cats. But for me, dogs will always prevail.

With that little preface up there, I now introduce you to my dog, Tucker.

Tucker is a 4 year old, Australian Shepherd x Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Topping in at just about 70 pounds, he is my right-hand-man. 

Tucker was not bought from a pet store, nor was adopted from a shelter. He was simply a puppy needing a home. While at college at the University of Kentucky, I found a Craigslist ad for puppies that needed homes. A lovely family in a rural area of Kentucky had a blue merle Aussie show up on their property, and took her in. A few short weeks later; she popped out fifteen puppiesThe family did the most loving thing, they wanted to find good homes for the puppies and keep the mom. So I drove myself out to the mountains of Kentucky, and as the first one there- I had my pick of the litter. I gave them a "donation" to help spay the mom and continued back to my college apartment with my new puppy.

The day he came home! How could you not be in love!?

Just a bit older.

He got SO big, SO fast.

I shall call this his "awkward phase".

Full grown Tucker. This is how I fall asleep and wake up every morning. And I definitely don't hate it!

I felt the need to introduce you to Tucker, because wherever I go, he goes. He is a huge part of my life. I love to go running with him, take him for hikes, let him run around at the barn. He'll be making an appearance on this site because simply put; I'm obsessed with my dog.

So why not give you all some reviews on some thing Tucker likes? After all, this blog will have everything on it. Tucker is a monster with his toys, so I take reviews seriously. I found the things that I like, and stopped buying the crap that was created for my dog to waste my money kill in the matter of minutes. 

Adopt, dont shop!

xx Lindsay

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Blogger Community!

So I'm getting a hang of this blogger community thing. ;)

Therefore, follow me on BlogLovin'!

You can also follow me on other social media!

Instagram: LindzWilson
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xo Lindsay

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Beauty // January Must Haves

Beauty is my guilty pleasure. Oh, how I would spend thousands at Sephora, Ulta, and luxury cosmetic counters if I had the extra funds. I've always wanted to be a beauty blogger, so here is step one. These are my "must-haves". I grab for these products every single day. Most are not new products (as this is my first "favorites") but all are available and you should get your hands on them! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

California, Here We Come.

I'm from Long Island and the stereotypes are true. The meatheads are here, theres a 90% chance you have an italian heritage, when GTL was a thing- you definitely GTLed. But now that its not a thing, you still GTL. The cost of living is too high for any average out-of-college 20-something, so theres also a 90% chance upon graduating college, you moved back in with your parents. Do you know how awful that is? To have four years of complete freedom, just to go back to live with your parents? I love my mom and dad, they give me plenty of freedom, they don't invade on my privacy, but we definitely bump heads living under the same roof.  

I've grown to hate this island. Upon returning back to your roots, in the same house you lived in since elementary school (just like everyone else in your town- you're not alone), definitely means that no one really grows out of that high school bullshit. I packed up and went 800 miles away to college in Lexington, Kentucky without knowing a single soul for a good reason.

Truly, I did not want to know anyone, I wanted a fresh start away from this bubble that I lived in. I graduated from Kentucky with ride or die best friends, experiences of a lifetime, and a sense of independence that I believe those who stayed close were not able to achieve. If it was not for a job I had lined up, I would not have left,I actually pity those who did not have a college experience as I did. In my own opinion, a SUNY school is just Long Islanders without their parents stuck in a gross bubble. The only difference between me and them is that now at home, they can reconnect with their college friends much easier because the town bar is only 5 minutes away from everyone. 

I've grown to despise Long Island. Not my family, not the surroundings, but this bubble that I speak of. Everyone knows everyone's business, its the same old faces, its the same old drama. Not to mention, something in the water here has made all the guys very short- which makes strapping on my 6" Jeffrey Campbell Lita's a necessity to weed out the men with Napoleon complexes. 

I need a change, a big change. My future plans are to pack up my dog, my horses, and take a long cross country drive to reside permanently in the Los Angeles, California area…… with my ex. More with that next time. 

xo Lindsay

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Wandering 20-Something

Hey there. I'm not too sure how you made it here, but you did and I'm glad you came. Welcome to my journey. 

My name is Lindsay and I'm a single, wandering 20-something. 24 years old, young? I don't truly know anymore, but I'm here and here to stay. 
I graduated from the best college on earth; the University of Kentucky. In May of 2013, nearly two years ago, was when I stepped into the "real world".

Yet here I am, on that typical 20-something path of not knowing what direction that I want to take in life. What do I want to accomplish? What are my real dreams? I have a million dreams, yet none at all. I have ambitions, goals, ideas, insights, yet I am lost and I'm not sure where to begin. 

Be prepared for nights out, financial worries, becoming healthy, moving across the country, reviewing products, places, and things,  chasing dreams, chasing reality, but most of all be prepared for a first hand look into my life; told by yours truly. 

xo Lindsay

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