Saturday, January 24, 2015

True Life: I'm Obsessed with My Dog.

I've always been a dog person. While you get to know my better through these blogs; you'll know I'm a horse person too (I have 3 and counting….). But there's two kinds of people. For one, you have your dog people. And then you have your people whom you can't trust. While I have nothing against cats, I have cats. But for me, dogs will always prevail.

With that little preface up there, I now introduce you to my dog, Tucker.

Tucker is a 4 year old, Australian Shepherd x Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Topping in at just about 70 pounds, he is my right-hand-man. 

Tucker was not bought from a pet store, nor was adopted from a shelter. He was simply a puppy needing a home. While at college at the University of Kentucky, I found a Craigslist ad for puppies that needed homes. A lovely family in a rural area of Kentucky had a blue merle Aussie show up on their property, and took her in. A few short weeks later; she popped out fifteen puppiesThe family did the most loving thing, they wanted to find good homes for the puppies and keep the mom. So I drove myself out to the mountains of Kentucky, and as the first one there- I had my pick of the litter. I gave them a "donation" to help spay the mom and continued back to my college apartment with my new puppy.

The day he came home! How could you not be in love!?

Just a bit older.

He got SO big, SO fast.

I shall call this his "awkward phase".

Full grown Tucker. This is how I fall asleep and wake up every morning. And I definitely don't hate it!

I felt the need to introduce you to Tucker, because wherever I go, he goes. He is a huge part of my life. I love to go running with him, take him for hikes, let him run around at the barn. He'll be making an appearance on this site because simply put; I'm obsessed with my dog.

So why not give you all some reviews on some thing Tucker likes? After all, this blog will have everything on it. Tucker is a monster with his toys, so I take reviews seriously. I found the things that I like, and stopped buying the crap that was created for my dog to waste my money kill in the matter of minutes. 

Adopt, dont shop!

xx Lindsay

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  1. aw such a cutie! I am also a dog person ^__^

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  2. What a sweet sweet face!!!<3

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

  3. So cute! Wish I could adopt one but I cannot!


  4. Tucker is handsome!


  5. Awww! Tucker has the cutest little face! I can't get over how tiny and adorable he was as a puppy! He looks like such a lovely dog :)
    Becki |

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  7. Aww....he's super cute, dear ! By the way..get well soon, Lindsay.... I read on your latest post that you're sick.

  8. Aw, he's a sweetie! I can't wait to have a yard and house so we can have a dog or two someday! I would love to go for walks and hikes! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. Tucker is gorgeous and how cute he was, like all puppies!:)

  10. This is so cute! Your dog is adorable. My 2 dogs are basically my children and I love them so ridiculously much!

    She Likes to Shop